Jeremy R. Brooks
Greener Greens / The White RabbitPlume RougeFloppedA Fish StoryDangle (Self-Portrait)HungIn Search of an Honest Man 
(Homage to Diogenes), detailErnie Without His Other Half (Cookie Jar - Bottom)Stood UpBoot LickHey Mary - PlungerBottom's DrawersOut: FieldworkAltered Young Man's FancyHe's My LadyComing OutPeelerShinowearShinowearShinowear
Portfolio of Personal Work - 20 Images
Artist's Statement: There is a space that exists upon the tip-of-the-tongue, one characterized through a sense of elusive certainty. Taste aside, it is concerned with imminence and inaccessibility, language and memory. Sometimes the first word out of our mouth is hardly a word at all, but rather this inarticulate sound that is more closely related to what we would identify as gesture. Suspended, held at the cusp of verbalization, there is something there and you feel it strongly. It is a haunting moment; it is a structure of feeling. The investigation of such a quality, one that is (at times) more properly sensuous than cognitive in its scope and depth of inquiry, is one at the core of my work and studio practice.