Jeremy R. Brooks
Arrangements SeriesArrangements SeriesBerry Excited WienerBoot LickBulbCarrotCustard LampCustard StickDaiquiriFrench Fry FieldGrape StompGripRed Slushy with TailSip
Artist's Statement: This series of work grew out of a collection of items that I salvaged from thrift stores, garage sales, and other secondhand sources. In the act of collecting, I found that I became more interested in the casual arrangement and juxtaposition of merchandise at these venues than the individual items curated into my own collection. I sought to carry this sense of casualness and contrast into further articulated and playful arrangements of forms using found objects and materials.

Work in this series is not made, but rather placed; the arrangement of disparate parts (both whole and incomplete) is what composes the work. Neither hardware nor adhesives are used in the combining of parts; their fit remains temporary in reference to the initial point of departure. While I consider each arrangement to be purposeful in design, it is my hope that each component retains the potential to inspire a playful sense of reassignment when groupings of individual works are presented in proximity to one another.