Jeremy R. Brooks
Balloon RideBest in ShowBun BumCat SuitDainty DangleDownward BlobEarful TowerGone GooseGoosebumpHairballLambskin BonnetMiracle Mike (Headless Chicken)Oh Deer!Pantaloon ShufflePareidolia (Shapes in Clouds)Polka Dot WhatnotPonytailsSee Spot Can't SeeStocking StufferThe TicklerThe TinglerThird LegTruffle ShuffleWhite Fluff in Field
Description: A “cockamamie” is a deliberate mispronunciation of the word “decalcomanie” that was marketed by ceramic decal manufacturers for children who might have difficulty pronouncing or reading that word. Historically these decals portrayed imagery that was often categorized as wacky, strange, and / or unusual. Work in this series aims to push that concept one step further through the process of collage. These illustrations were created through collaging disparate commercial / hobby ceramic decals with one another. The final decal collages are presented upon commercial blank porcelain substrates and fired to cone 018 in an electric kiln.