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Artist's Statement: The Cincinnati Art Pottery Movement of the late 1800’s has left a lasting impression upon hobbyists and do-ityourselfers alike. The early pioneering work of Mary Louise McLaughlin and Maria Longworth Nichols truly broke ground in the arena of craft practice, establishing the rise and development of china painting workshops and the pottery club niche. Historically, work in this vein showcases some of the earliest attempts in do-it-yourself aesthetics and hobby-craft practice. It remains unfortunate, however, that many of the blank china objects produced for this genre lack considerable formal accomplishment and at times demonstrate unfortunate lapses in “taste.” Despite this, the practice remains to be highly empowering to the character of the painter / maker. The genre is set up to offer the maker both comfort and encouragement in knowing that he or she can “complete” a piece through his or hers own means – a considerable conceptual premise. Artistic validation is achieved through individual choice and application of color. This body of work combines my interests in hobby-craft with fine craft through a highly selective finishing of forms typically reserved for the paint-your-own hobby figurine genre with the aesthetic sensibilities of the finish fetish.